Friday Night School is held at St Ignatius Parish Hall between 4.30-6.00pm each Friday of term time. As students range from prep to year 12, naturally there is a broad mix of needs, abilities and aspirations within our student cohort.

At the hall, one room is allocated to senior students, allowing them to focus without distraction on their upcoming exams. A further room is designated for parents to learn, or improve, their English. In the main hall, tutors help primary-aged students using workbooks provided by Friday Night School, while high-school students get assistance from tutors with their homework, or subjects of their choice that they need further support in.

During the pandemic FNS Online was set up to support our students’ learning, and to maintain connection during that time of isolation. We continue to offer online tutoring, in the form of a Reading Program for primary-aged students, and Wednesday Night Tutoring

If you would like more information about Wednesday Night Tutoring send us an email at wntcoordinator@gmail.com.