2013 Camp Manyung

The highlight of the Friday Night School calendar has to be the annual camp for around 80 primary and young secondary aged students.

This rare opportunity to explore rural Victoria and the nearby beach is highly anticipated by our students for months before hand.  The facilities at the camp are dormitory style in comfortable and modern cabin.  For those without camping essentials i.e. a sleeping bag and an overnight bag, Friday Night School purchases these items for those children.

On the way down on Friday evening, we all pile into La Porchetta’s at Mornington for a delicious dinner of pizza and lemonade.  What a treat!

The YMCA run a fantastic program for the children at Camp Manyung with activities ranging from flying foxes and rope challenges to archery and bike riding.

This year we introduced a ‘beauty-salon’ on Saturday afternoon where practically every girl on the camp was treated to a nail paint with some pretty special nail-art as well.  This will no doubt become a popular feature of future camps!

On Sunday, we all head down to the beach for a bit of treasure hunting in the sand and a delicious morning tea.  The children behaved extremely well and had a wonderful time.

This year only one of our Sudanese mothers was able to join us with 2 others pulling out unexpectedly at the last minute.  Our special mum enjoyed a relaxing break while her pre-schooler children were entertained by some of our volunteers.  She rarely gets the luxury of time to herself at home and she especially loved the beautiful open spaces in which to walk.

Back on the buses for the trip home on Sunday – another exhausting but successful camp.

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