2013 Christmas BBQ

The Friday Night School end-of-year BBQ was held on 24 November at the beautiful grounds of Xavier College’s Burke Hall campus in Kew.

The day was cool but stayed dry and as the children filed off the buses that brought them from Richmond to Kew, they headed straight for the beautiful wide ovals and play areas at Burke Hall.  They had a wonderful time playing cricket, kicking balls, skipping ropes or just running around.  Inside the Garnet Hall many of them were honing their skills at shooting hoops.

Three of our dads were manning the BBQs for several hours as they cooked up hundreds of sausages and kilos of fried onions to serve to the hungry crowd.  These were accompanied on bread with the obligatory tomato sauce and with lots of salads available too.  The children were treated to cake and soft drink to top off their lunch.

The mothers enjoyed a hot cup of tea and a rare opportunity to catch up for some chit-chat with their friends.

The children all received a large gift bag with a special small gift inside (a ball, watch, bracelet or doll) along with a comprehensive amount of stationery for use during the following school year.  This gift of stationery goes a long way in alleviating some of the back-to-school expenses that the family are faced with in the new year.

As always, it was a wonderful and successful day enjoyed by and talked about for days to come, by everyone who attended.

Here are some of our students enjoying the typical Aussie BBQ.

 DSC02087  DSC02080
 DSC02075  DSC02039
 DSC02044  DSC02059
 DSC02094  DSC02056
 DSC02095  DSC02077
 DSC02058  DSC02062