In addition to running tutoring programs, Friday Night School provides various activities and assistance to our FNS community throughout the year.

Activities include:

  • an annual Creative Writing Competition, open to all students, with prizes for winning entries
  • an annual weekend camp for students, with support from tutors, teachers and adult volunteers. Activities include team sports and outdoor games, plus individual experiences such as a giant swing and flying fox.
  • An end-of-year party to celebrate a shared year together as a Friday Night School community. Participating schools help host the party and provide stalls, organise games, help with the BBQ and help pack and hand out presents to our FNS families

Assistance provided by Friday Night School includes:

  • Funding scholarships and bursaries for selected high-school students
  • Funding of textbooks for all secondary students
  • Provision of resources such as laptops and ipads
  • Assistance to parents of FNS students in learning English, completing forms, submitting job applications or preparing for the Australian Citizenship Test