In addition to tutoring children, Friday Night School provides various activities throughout the year and offers extra assistance.


Activities provided by Friday Night School include:

  • an annual weekend camp for approximately 80 Friday Nights School students, 24 school tutors and a variety of teachers and adult helpers;
  • supervision of an associated program, Wednesday Night Tutoring. During the university year, approximately 50 university students and young professionals tutor Friday Night School students in their homes from 7 – 8.30 pm;
  • hosting of an end of  year party for Friday Night School students and their families.



Assistance provided by Friday Night School includes:

  • scholarships to various Melbourne private schools for secondary school education;
  • financial assistance for text books to all secondary students;
  • a limited number of laptop computers and iPads to families and secondary students;
  • references for Friday Night School students and the tutors who help them;
  • a class for mothers and fathers of Friday Night School students while their children are being tutored. During this time they can practice their written or spoken communication or receive assistance with completing forms and job applications and help to prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test;
  • a supervised room for pre-schoolers and kinder age children where they can play and do activities, again with a tutor, while their parents are receiving tuition.