Patrick’s Story

‘My experience of Friday Night School has been an overwhelmingly enjoyable one from my earliest days of attendance. While I’m sure this cliché is thrown around quite a bit, the program genuinely is immensely rewarding – both for the tutees and tutors. There’s no greater joy than witnessing a tutee finally understand a concept you have been drilling into them for the past half hour.

Friday Night School, at its core, is about providing a unique tutoring program for young students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through FNS, students are given the chance to excel and reach their full potential, an opportunity which may not have been afforded in the past. However, FNS is so much more than mere academic assistance. Tutors in the program act as mentors, confidants, and friends to those they tutor. Because of the fact that some tutees are in similar years to our own, tutors can provide an advantageous insight into the subject and share what they found useful during those years. You’re having trouble with fractions? I did too last year, here’s how I improved.

The benefits that the tutees receive are equal to the skills and enjoyment that a tutor extracts from the program. The effectiveness of FNS is evident from the explosion in attendance rates, and the excitement in the atmosphere of the main hall each session.

There is no wonder why each Friday afternoon at Xavier College, students race from their classes to sign up and go to Friday Night School. It’s not out of habit, out of punishment, or out of expectation; we want to.”

Patrick Dooley, Xavier College