Nese’s story

“I began volunteering at FNS during my second term of Year 10. During previous years, I’d heard older girls who’d volunteered at FNS talking about it and I found their whole experience of it enthralling. I was fascinated by the opportunity that was open to us to assist others, help them to learn and understand coursework that I had enjoyed learning in previous years.

Now, I’m in Year 12 and I’ve been volunteering at FNS myself for the last three years. Life has gotten busier and although I have a magnitude of homework to complete every weekend, I still enjoy volunteering at FNS every Friday afternoon because under the guidance of Margaret Gurry, I believe that we’re making a difference and helping our community. Every week we’re supporting new students from prep to year twelve understand things that they’re struggling to comprehend. Every week, I get to meet an intelligent person, irrespective of age, whom I am able to work with and get to know and for this I feel privileged to have the chance to meet such persevering and bright individuals.

Through my FNS journey, as clichéd as it sounds, I believe I’ve become a better person through the people I’ve met and I am thankful for the opportunity to have met such an amazing and inspiring woman as Margaret. Her determination and perseverance is inspirational and her dedication inspires me to do more in my own life. ”

Nese Gezer, Year 12, Loreto Mandeville Hall