Madeleine and Andrea’s story

“Friday Night School is one of the highlights of our week. We first started going in the middle of Year 10. One of the things that really struck us was the immaculate layout of the hall itself, and the dedication of the staff that organise it every Friday. Since that time, we have enjoyed meeting new people and finding out their stories. This year, we have particularly enjoyed tutoring the older students. This is partly because we can demonstrate our knowledge in subjects that we enjoy as well as the fact that we can consolidate what we learn in school.

In this way, not only does Friday Night School help the people we tutor, but we also grow and benefit ourselves. Above all, Friday Night School means a lot to us, and as we approach the end of our final year at school, we hope to be able to return next year to one our most loved school activities which has connected us to the wonderful people we have met.”

Madeleine Quirk and Andrea Pandazopoulos, Year 12, Loreto Mandeville Hall