Dom’s story

“I was introduced to the Friday Night School program back in 2009 as a year 8 student. A Few of my friends and I went and enjoyed the experience so we decided to come back the next week. The small pleasure we felt each time we came became a habit and one that I endeavour to continue to do. The program is beneficial for not only the tutees but also the tutors as one is able to foster a long term relationship with a “regular”. This is furthered by the tutors being able to impart some of their knowledge upon another and that self-giving is what the whole program seems to be about. Friday Night School has grown immensely in the few years that I have attended and more schools are helping, adding an opportunity for socialisation before and after tutoring. The tutees benefit in many ways, apart from having someone to assist them with their work, tutors, especially to the younger children provide a role model and friend whom they can look forward to seeing each week and they can learn from. This is helped by the various teachers who also attend and are able to give specialised help for the harder subjects such as Maths Methods, year 12 English and Sciences. Thus Friday Night School becomes a place of mutual benefit with the tutees gaining knowledge and life skills and the tutees getting the happiness of seeing the benefits that an hour of their time and knowledge can give to other people. Friday Night School is a great opportunity for people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds and definitely has a positive impact on any attendee’s personality.”

Dom, Xavier College