Caitlin’s story

“Having been a tutor at Friday Night School for three years, I have encountered many blessings, challenges and endless inspiration. Whilst, primarily my role at FNS has been tutor primary school children in Literacy and Numeracy, I have discovered that my Friday nights have been enriched by the bonds I have formed with many of the children. Often the children are refugees or migrants new to Australia, and I have been lucky enough to learn equally as much from them as I have been able to teach, with our rich cultural nuances an endless source of fascination for all involved.

Friday Night School has been deeply rewarding with no week being the same. Some weeks I test the spelling skills of Preps, and others I help mothers learn to read English so they can help their children with their homework. I have learnt many skills as a tutor, having needed to learn to be pragmatic, determined and engaging. Luckily, it is never difficult to enjoy a Friday night as the students I work with are always endlessly enthusiastic and excited about learning, thankful for the opportunities availed to them by the commitment of so many volunteers. It is incredibly inspiring to witness the dedication of the volunteers at FNS to join in the joy of education, with so many individuals working to provide such a fantastic opportunity and the gift of education to many.”

Caitlin, Genazzano FCJ College