Stephanie’s story

“I started going to Friday Night School as soon as I could, having been interested in it ever since I’d heard some past students speak about their experiences in year 8. Over the 3 years I’ve been volunteering at FNS I’ve looked after and worked with kids as young as a few months old, all the way up to adults who just need someone to read to.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a diverse range of kids who are younger than me and also my age as we’ve worked through problems that they’ve had with their homework and shared our knowledge and experiences on different topics.

One of the things I love about FNS is seeing the development of so many of the students I’ve tutored. The improvement of one girl I used to tutor each week was such a great reward as we both found ways to help her understand difficult concepts in areas such as History, English and Maths.

The founder of FNS, Margaret Gurry, has created such a remarkable ‘school’ for children and adults that assists and provides services to improve education for migrant families and children who need extra help. She should be commended for her effort and hard work to keep this incredible school running.”

Stephanie Kunnel, Year 12, Loreto Mandeville Hall